Cleaning Tip for April: Flush Out Problems with Bathroom Cleanliness

Restroom cleanliness should be taken seriously in every business. We all know that restaurants and hotels need to have clean bathrooms if they want to stay in business, but did you know that the state of the restrooms in every type of business has a direct impact on customer and employee satisfaction?

Here is how we at Landrum’s Services clean your restrooms to ensure an excellent experience:

-Right to left, top to bottom method. When your cleaning staff is trained in this method, every inch of your restroom will be cleaned. No worried that a customer will look up and find mysterious “gunk” in the ceiling vents.

-High-quality, safe cleaning products. We know that chemicals and fumes are dangerous, so we use only the safest, most effective cleaning products on the market. Your customers and employees can walk into a clean-smelling bathroom any time of day or night and will not be ill from fumes. The naturally clean-smelling products also give you the confidence that you are in a safe and disinfected environment.

-Check and balance system. Having a system for accountability gives your customer the comfort that they are entering a clean environment.

-Continued training. We have employees who are trained on a regular basis to ensure that correct methods in cleanliness and safety are followed.

It is also important that your cleaning and maintenance company teaches its employees why their job is an integral part of every business. The cleanliness of your building is a direct reflection of how you operate, and we take our commitment to you seriously.

If you have concerns or questions about your restroom cleanliness, please comment below and I will be happy to respond.

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