Cleaning Tip for July 2011

Why Clean Windows are Important

There are a few obvious reasons for maintaining clean windows- a better view, professional image, and improved heat efficiency come to mind. What most people don’t know is that due to the porous nature of glass, it can easily become degraded due to pollutants. And windows, especially commercial ones, do not come cheaply.

Over time, glass can be corrupted with a number of contaminants such as oxidation, sea spray, hard water from sprinklers, acid rain, over spray from painting and caulking, etc. Due to the porous nature of the glass, it can be degraded quickly with even these daily contaminants. We recommend cleaning windows at least twice a year to prevent costly repairs or replacement. Talk to your maintenance professional about the tools they use to keep your windows clean, and make sure that they are not ignoring this integral piece of your building’s maintenance regimen.

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