Cleaning Tip for September

4 Tips to Extend the Life of Your Carpet

Businesses often choose to invest in carpeting for its warmth and inviting feel. It’s only natural to want that investment to last and look great as long as possible.

1. Mats- Place mats at high traffic areas, particularly entrances. Mats can protect your carpet from damage caused by dirt coming in and out of your building. They are smaller and easier to clean than an entire carpet, and they can stop a significant amount of debris from ever making it into your building. Make sure your maintenance professional is cleaning the mats on a regular basis, though, to maximize efficacy.

2. Vacuuming- Dry vacuuming is the best way to remove dry soils such as dirt, dust, sand, and gravel. High frequency vacuuming removes a high percentage of these dry soils before they can slip into the carpet’s pile and cause damage.

3. Spot Cleaning- Spills do happen. Our recommendation is to blot, not rub, the spill with a clean white towel. This will remove much of the spill without damaging your carpet fibers.

4. Steam Clean in the Spring and Fall- Revitalize the appearance of your carpet with semi-annual steam cleaning. Research shows that steam cleaning provides the best results due to high temperatures and pressure. Oily residue is removed, and appearance is noticeably improved.

Studies prove carpets that are maintained well last 3-4 years longer than those that are not maintained. You gain the benefits of aesthetically pleasing flooring, improved air quality, and expense reduction.

If you have questions about how a carpet maintenance routine can be implemented in your place of business,¬†contact Landrum’s Services¬†today.

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