Tips for Finding a Real Green Cleaning Company- Beyond the RFP

Just about every cleaning company is now touting their “green” record. Companies have replaced their old equipment for more sustainable, greener choices, and they have traded in their toxic cleaners for safer ones. But how do you know that the custodial company you are working with is doing more than adding some sustainability check boxes to their RFP? Building owners/managers understand now more than ever that sustainability practices are not only good for the environment, but are also cost effective. So what is a building owner to do? How can they cut through the red tape to find out who his delivering a green service?

We hope these tips will help you figure it out:

Training: Inquire about the training regimen — it should include initial green training as well as safety training and refresher courses.

Standard Operating Procedures- The SOP’s should specify acceptable procedures for each process. They should be clear and reasonable and should fully address waste handling and disposal, as well.

Management- What are the metrics of the day-to-day management process? There should be a clear commitment to managing green metrics.

Reporting- Are reports and results readily and easily available to you?

Purchasing- Is there a clearly defined purchasing and distribution process that outlines what is acceptable and what is not? If the building manager is doing the purchasing, is there a tool available to ensure they are purchasing the right supplies?

Safety- Ask to look at their safety records. A company’s safety record says a whole lot about its overall management and practices as a whole.

It is a big challenge to find the right custodial company for your building, we hope these tips help you through the process.