4 Reasons to Promote Green Building Practices

Today it is easier than ever to incorporate green practices into your workplace. With a myriad of services and information available to businesses, building owners and managers are uncovering the benefits of following green building practices. Studies are proving that buildings that “go green” are reaping measurable financial benefits and positive public relations.

Some of the benefits of having a green building are:

Healthier Employees

Lower operating costs

Improved access to governmental incentives

Positive environmental impact

Green cleaning is one of the fastest ways to make your facility safer for employees. Sick Building Syndrome was identified in the 1960’s, and since then it has been found that approximately 30% of the workforce is affected by it. A 2002 study by the Indoor Environment Department at the Lawrence Berkley National Design Laboratory in California found that the improved air quality by use of green design and green cleaning can lower sick building symptoms by 20% to 50%, while cold and influenza are reduced by 9% to 20%, and allergies and asthma drop by 8% to 25%. The savings in productivity and time off add up quickly.

The EPA’s EnergyStar program and the LEED program are ways that businesses can be rewarded for implementing green practices.

And of course, besides the financial benefits of supporting a green building, you gain the additional benefit of knowing that your business or building is reducing its environmental footprint.

There are several sustainable ways you can protect our environment and make for a healthier workplace:

Energy and water conservation

Waste management and recycling programs

Indoor air quality improvement

Green building practices, including green cleaning

Landrum’s Services believes in supporting our partners through their transition to green practices, and we encourage you to contact us with any questions you may have about beginning your progress today.

Going Green- Don’t Forget the Clean

You have begun the journey of “going green”. You are reducing and recycling paper, lighting is energy efficient, and the staff is bringing in their own coffee mugs. Now its time to consider hiring a green cleaning service.

Most cleaning products contain harmful additives that get breathed in by you, your staff, and your customers all day long. Make sure your cleaning service uses natural cleaners so that your staff and customers can breathe easier.

More and more business and government contracts are enforcing a “green clause”, ensuring that the chain of business is green. Position yourself to be able to work with the companies who demand that their chain is following green practices from top to bottom.

One of the benefits of Landrum’s Services green cleaning program is that our products save you money in employee absenteeism. Your employees are not breathing in harsh chemicals all day long, and they also benefit from our products that keep germs at bay 24/7. Common chemical cleaners kill germs on contact, but the minute someone touches that phone again, it is contaminated. Germs are passed from person to person, and sick days accumulate.

So while you are giving yourself the advantage of opening your business up to more opportunity with other green businesses, you are also doing the “right” thing by providing a safer and healthier working environment for your employees. Visit our green cleaning page for more information.